Steven Afzali

Steven Afzali is the second-generation owner and head chef of Valentino’s Pizzeria & Restaurant. A native New Yorker, Steven’s passion for food and culinary challenges was evident as early as his teenage years when he would watch his father prepare meals for friends and family. Once being accepted to Arizona State University, Steven had multiple opportunities to dine at and also work at some of the top restaurants in the state. From the kitchen to the table, he quickly learned multiple aspects of the dining and hospitality industry, which further complimented his degree in Small Business Management.

His “ah-ha” moment came to him while working at one of Arizona’s best-ranked dining establishments. After years away from home learning, working and experiencing the ups, downs and thrills of the industry, he decided to come home. With Valentino’s firmly established a “pizzeria” in Queens, New York, Steven had plans to not only expand the menu, but the business.

Once home and working side by side with his father Jimmy, Valentino’s went from a local pizzeria with just two entrees, to a full-service dining experience. Now a “Pizzeria & Restaurant”, Valentino’s offers delivery from open to close, catering for events large and small, and a menu that has something for everyone. A seated dining area that also doubles as a party space, or be converted to something more intimate for smaller events was built. Also housed in Valentino’s is a coffee bar, where house-blend lattes, espressos and rich hot chocolate are on brew. By “coming home” Steven has culled more than a decade of restaurant and culinary experiences to establish Valentino’s as a consistent, engaging and solid dining experience.

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